Hello there!

I always find it awkward to talk about myself. But if I’m going to ask you for my vote, I think you deserve to know a few things about me. So, here goes.

I’m 53 years old, and grew up in Florida. I’m familiar with being “the new kid in town” as my husband and I moved 9 times before landing in Chagrin Falls, living in most of the major cities on the East Coast during our academic careers. Before having children, I was a neuroscience researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, where I earned my Ph.D. After kids, the challenges of combining parenthood and our two academic careers led me to explore a more portable career path, and I began working in online community management, back before Facebook existed.

I have two children, both graduates of the Chagrin Falls School system. We moved here when my son was in fourth grade and my daughter entered kindergarten, in 2004.

My husband is a gynecologic oncologist, and his work always reminds me what’s really important in life. When he took a job in Cleveland, we were Midwest newbies, but were immediately charmed by Chagrin Falls. We settled in our house on Bell Street 18 years ago and haven’t moved since.

Over the years, I’ve worked and volunteered with many groups in town – including the Chagrin Falls Schools PTO, Safe Routes Chagrin, the Village of Chagrin Falls and Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls. Much of this work was online, building websites, sending emails and managing social media channels.

I’ve always been addicted to information, and spent years attending Council and School Board meetings and reporting what happened there in an online blog before I sought office. I was appointed to Village Council in January of 2016, then ran for and was elected to the office in both 2017 and 2019. During my time on Council, I’ve chaired the Administration and Compensation committee, the Safety Committee, and the Facilities and Services Committee, as well as representing Council on the Shade Tree Commission, Arts Commission and Merchant Commission. You can find out more details on my government work elsewhere on this website.

All told, I’ve been working for this community in some capacity for the last 18 years – making it officially the place I’ve lived longest in my life.

Chagrin Falls is a special place, the place I’ve come to feel will always be home for me. I’m glad we landed here.

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